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AT&T is the world’s leading telecoms organisation.

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    AT&T is the world’s leading telecoms organisation. We’re much more than just a phone company, we’re a technology company that is connecting people to their world everywhere they live and work. For more than a century, we have provided a dependable network with a high-quality service that is part of our proud heritage. Today, we’re bringing it all together with revolutionary devices and next generation TV for U.S consumers and ground breaking communication, cloud application, and leading mobility solutions for business globally. Our collaborative approach to innovation is transforming what’s possible – in the home, in the car, and everywhere. From services that entertain to products that are shaping the future in every industry sector. Together we’re enabling ideas that support economic growth and human progress. At the heart of it lies a talented workforce of nearly 250,000 people located in nearly 60 countries. Explore a network of career possibilities that connects the world. Search: Global.att.jobs

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