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Career path & Training plan

| 28.08.2017 | tesena s.r.o.
This time we prepared something very special for you. A deep insight into our team development plan. However it can be easily applied to your team too. Remember, these are our recommendations based on our experiences and can vary from team to team or person to person.

Flexible career path

Map is a guide, not a fixed route.  We want to enable everyone to fulfill their own individual professional goals in software testing, whether they seek the responsibility of test management, are focused on the technical side of testing or wish to stay fully hands-on in test analysis and execution.

For new recruit with no previous relevant experience, regardless of whether your career bias is towards leadership or technical testing, everyone starts in the same place so that they build a solid, practical understanding in the basic skills and techniques of our profession. Once the foundations are in place then they can follow their preferred route. Their progress on that route will reflect both their ability and the effort they put in to their development. A career path may change as they progress and reassess their interests and capabilities.

For recruits with previous experience then they will join the career path at the most appropriate place.

For all recruits, after the completion of the trial period, when we will have been able to more fully assess their abilities, they will have a formal review with their team leader where mutual expectations regarding their career path will be discussed. At this time specific goals and training requirements for rest of the first year at tesena will be agreed. These goals and training requirements will be reviewed during regular face-2-face meetings with a team leader. At the end of each year, everyone will have an annual review with a team leader where the goals for the previous year will be assessed and new goals for the following year will be defined.

Job titles and experience

The experience in years and level of skills and experience in test analysis is a guideline, it can also be read as “equivalent of”. Progress is always based on ability and the effort someone puts in. The job title is also used to communicate with our clients about what level of experience and skills they can expect a specialist from tesena to have.

Training plan to support career development

The “tesena academy” is a major benefit of working at tesena. Few, if any, of our competitors are able to offer such a strong training program that is also open to their employees.
Each year Team Leader will define a training plan using the matrix below as a guideline.
We invest heavily into training. We expect everyone to do the same by obtaining the related certifications and apply the skills and knowledge in their work. Certifications will also be used to assess your career development within tesena.

Match your aims with our training

Are you curious how exactly you can develop yourselves via tesena courses? Explore more in the extended sheet below.


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