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Network security analyst / researcher

Provision of an expert consultancy/managed service, helping mobile network operators worldwide in localization, identification, resolution and prevention of telco traffic/signaling security issues. Providing security audit services to mobile operators, utilizing a white-hat hacker approach including a battery of penetration tests, to produce audit reports, advisories and data analysis reports in the security domain, while using a wide range of open source, Xura-owned and commercial tools. Big Data analysis of network traffic (e.g. SS7 PDUs or SMS spam), trend discovery, interpretation of data, presentation of security-related results. Research in the area of SS7 data security.

Network security analyst / researcher

Náplň práce

  • Definition, planning and execution of telco network security audits employing a hacker-like approach, utilizing knowledge of technology and network topology
  • Deployment of new network security related tools, probes and generators; demonstration of their usage and benefits
  • Fine-tuning of security tools based on data analysis feedback and customer feedback
  • Gathering information and preparation of proposals on further development of Xura SS7/messaging security tools


What will your environment be like?
  • Multinational environment with presence and customers all around the world
  • A company working in mobile networks and telecommunication -  with special focus on products related to network security in either of the teams:
  1. SMS Spam Prevention – manager Ales Kuchar
  2. SIGTRAN Fraud Prevention – manager Jan Olsak
  • Agile SCRUM teams 
  • Excited customers
What will you work with?
  • Software products which aim at scalability, distributed architecture and high performance
  • Mixture of proven and bleeding-edge technologies
  • SS7 Signaling, SIGTRAN, Telco messaging (SMS, MMS, RCS)
  • Python, TCL, Perl, LUA, Linux
  • Atlassian tools JIRA, Confluence and STASH (GIT)
  • Computer and telecommunication networks
What will you do?
  • Auditing and investigations of telecommunication networks from a security point of view
  • Definition of requirements for analytical tools 
  • Presentation of reports to customers
  • Deployment of network security related tools
  • Assisting customers in new tooling adoption
Who will you work with?
  • Developers, testers, support engineers
  1. Linux geeks, Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, developers/testers to the core
  2. People who work hard, play hard and laugh loud
  3. Individuals who like to dig deep into technology and want to know how things work 
  4. Agile supporters or at least scrum-tolerant individuals
  • Sales people, product managers and our customers
  1. Technology enthusiasts who value the business benefits technology brings
  2. Customers who want to manage their networks more effectively by getting deeper insight into the data flowing in their networks
What we expect you already know/have?
  • Experience with verification, administration or management of complex network oriented software products running on a Linux/Unix platform 
  • Working knowledge of scripting languages (bash, python, perl, lua or similar)
  • Interest in networks and protocols
  1. Knowledge of mobile telecommunication networks is a significant asset
  • Proficiency in English 
  • Willingness to learn new things
  • Strong analytical thinking
  • Solid mathematical background mainly statistical analysis

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